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  • Pipe Cutting & End Preparation | Bug-O Systems

    The PCC-1 is used for cutting pipe to a desired length or for beveling the edge of a pipe for weld prep. The machine features a self centering speed chuck capable of gripping 0-8″ O.D. pipe and 3-11″ I.D. pipe. A racking group supports a plasma or oxy-fuel torch which can be setup for square or beveled cuts up to 12” in length.

  • Bug-O Systems: Piper Plus Setup & Welding - YouTube

    Sep 25, 2012 · The PIPER-PLUS is a self contained, digitally controlled, mechanized pipe welding system, producing high deposition rates with excellent weld quality to redu...

  • Pipe Welding with the Universal Bug-O-Matic - YouTube

    Jul 16, 2020 · Short clip of Pipe Welding with the Universal Bug-O-Matic

  • Bug-O Sprinkler Welding Cutting System | Weld Plus - YouTube

    Apr 24, 2015 · showing a Bug-O Cypress Sprinkler welding and cutting system. These are used for the manufacturing of sprinkler pipe and nozzle assem...

  • Bug-O Systems | Mechanized Solutions For Welding & Cutting

    Welders/operators are removed from the weld puddle and harmful welding exposure effects with Bug-O mechanization. Operator fatigue is reduced since the welding/cutting is performed by the machine and simply monitored by the operator. Uncomfortable repositioning that occurs with manual welding …

  • The Advanced Pipe Welding System - Bug-O

    The BUG-O PIPER-PLUS is a complete Pipe Welding System that can be integrated with the Lincoln Electric® Power Wave or Miller® PipeWorx Welding Systems • Unique digital control box • Microprocessor controlled panel with graphic and pendant user interfaces • Two pendant user options • Two rail and tractor carriage options

  • Circle Welding | GMAW, FCAW | Bug-O Systems

    Dec 17, 2019 · It is capable of welding diameters of 10″ to 50″ (152-1270 mm) O.D. and using welding wire diameters 3/32- 5/32″ (2.4-4.0 mm). The wire feed control box provides: wire speed (amperage) control, voltage control, wire burn back, weld contact, cold wire switch, weld start parameter adjustment and weld crater parameter adjustment.

  • Bug-O Systems: Piper-Bug Pipe Welding System - YouTube

    Jun 23, 2009 · The Piper-Bug Pipe Welding System from Bug-O Systems is a digitally controlled programmable welding travel carriage integrated with Lincoln Electric® Inverte...

  • Bug-O Systems: Pipe Welding Presentation - YouTube

    Dec 20, 2012 · Increasing productivity and quality of pipe welding through welding automation.