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    Bug O Systems (5) American Torch Tip Co (2) Bradley Corporation (2) Concoa (2) Profax Division (2) ... Miller® Tune-Up And Filter Kit For Bobcat™ 3 Phase Gas Engine Driven Welder/AC Generator (Includes Spark Plugs And Engine Filters) (For Use With Kohler CH 730 Gas Engine) ... Miller® Drive Roll Carrier For Millermatic® 252 MIG Arc Welding ...

  • GO-FER® IV | Bug-O Systems

    The rail sections are joinable for unlimited run length and are positioned with strong, Rare-Earth, On/Off Magnets or Bug-O Vacuum cup support system for non-ferrous applications. GO-FER® IV Kits are all in one packages based upon application. Only the welding kit includes a torch. Please see our Product Catalog (pages 9-10) for kit options.

  • CWE-5 | Circle Welder with Remote Control | Bug-O Systems

    Dec 17, 2019 · Accessories: Mechanical Oscillator / Torch Weaver (CWO-1645) Provides a pendulum-type motion to the gun for weave welding.The speed and stroke of oscillation are adjustable. Stand Alone Weaver (KBUG-5050) The compact oscillator provides a pendulum weaving motion to the gun. Speed, width and dwells are independently adjustable.

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    Modular Drive System Kits are all in one packages based upon application. All kits include: master drive, control module, racking, torch holder, rail and magnets. Only the welding kits include a torch with the kit. Please see our Product Catalog (pages 3-5) for kit options.

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    Bug-O equipment quickly increases production and quality. Money is saved with reduced material handling. A better work environment is created for welders and operators. Increased Operator Safety Reduce operator fatigue. Short Learning Curve Operators control speed, direction and torch angle for their cutting or welding with basic machine controls.

  • CW-7 CWO-1700-MG Circle Welder - Bug-O

    Oscillator when gas option is on machine. Sub-Arc components available. SIDE ELEVATION 32" (813 mm) Wire Feeder Welding Control Box Meter Kit Torch Angle Adjuster Rotation Control Box FRONT ELEVATION 34" (850 mm) Lifting Lug Horizontal Rack Motor Drive Rack Blocks Slide Assembly 60 lb. (27 kg.) Wire Reel Cam CWO-8056 Solenoid Kit Installed on ...

  • Track Welding | Straight-Line Welding | Bug-O Systems

    Sep 07, 2019 · The Universal Bug-O-Matic (BUG-5700, BUG-5702 and BUG-5704) is a compact unit which combines a powerful drive and precision oscillator all in one housing. The unit is lightweight and can easily be handled by one operator. The machine works in all positions and can be used for vertical and overhead welds.

  • Weave Welding | SMAW | Bug-O Systems

    The K-BUG 6050 is a compact unit designed for use with a torch support and positioner fixture or retrofit to a carriage. This is ideal for fillet or butt joints with flat or curved profiles. Motion parameters, including weave speed, weave width, and dwell times are digitally controlled by the remote pendant control.

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    Bug-O Systems MUG-1670-XXY Control Module 240VAC For MUG-1680 Welding Gantry NEW. Brand New. $235.07. List price: Previous Price. $599.99 61% off. or Best Offer. +$9.99 shipping.

  • CW-5AX | Circle Welder | Bug-O Systems

    Dec 17, 2019 · Hillside Kit (CWO-3894) The CWO- 3894 Hillside Kit provides a single rise and fall motion per revolution of the machine to provide the motion required to follow the contour of an offset pipe-to-pipe weld. During standard operation, the cam mechanism of all Bug-O Welders provides a dual rise and fall action per revolution to follow the contour of a pipe-to-pipe weld.