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  • cut 50 chinese plasma cutter review - YouTube

    Oct 20, 2016 · review on a cheap Chinese built plasma cutter. bought on ebay for less than £200.

  • Which Cheap Chinese Plasma Cutter Under $500 Is The Best?

    Lotos is one of the most trusted Chinese plasma cutter manufactures. Cutting torch and torch line are higher quality and more resilient then other machines in this price range. Consumables are widely available and very inexpensive.

  • Best Chinese Inverter plasma cutter? Your opinions please ...

    Jul 26, 2006 · plasma cutter I just purchased a chinese plasma from homier tools...they are a company like harbor is a "speedway series" 30 amp 220v. cutter..$400...says it will cut 5/16 steel....i baught it pretty much knowing that was wishfull thinking..the cutter seems well made and does a nice job on 3/8 plate and under...also tried it on thin brass and copper and it did great..only scare i have is …

  • Larger AMP Chinese plasma cutters? - WeldingWeb

    May 08, 2021 · There is a lot of good info and reviews about the 30-50 amp Chinese plasma cutters, but very little on the 60-90 amp range models. I see on Amazon and Ebay that there are plenty of people purchasing plasma cutters in this size range but not many people talking about them.

  • Highest Rated Cheap Plasma Cutters for 2021 – Our Honest ...

    Nov 26, 2018 · With this plasma cutter unit, you won’t have to adjust gas pressure settings, and the heat affected zone is smaller, which reduces warping. People who bought this unit are pleased with its light weight and portability.

  • ?Top 10 Best Chinese Plasma Cutter Reviews in 2021

    Jan 08, 2021 · Plasma cutters offer better discounts than conventional metal-to-metal cutting edge methods. Also, they give cleaner cuts compared to oxy-fuel cutters. So long as you are working with metals less than one inch thick, plasma cutters would be your very best option. Top 10 Best Chinese Plasma Cutter Reviews. The best Chinese plasma cutter …

  • Chinese plasma cutter CUT-50 | MIG Welding Forum

    Jan 31, 2021 · If I look on internals of some other cheap chinese CUT-50 plasma cutter, thay have much more diodes and mosfets. My question is whether my plasma can handle 50 amps or even 35 amps? Also, the cables from PCBs to output connectors on the front panel are funny - they are 14AWG.