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  • Automated Welding Solutions That Deliver ROI | Genesis ...

    Due to the nature of the pulse TIG welding being utilized for this part, the traditional seam tracking software by FANUC cannot track the weld like it would in a MIG process. However, the SERVO-ROBOT FUJI-CAMTM does track these joints even with the intense reflection from welding stainless steel.

  • A&T Welding - Company Profile

    A&T Welding Incorporated was established on October 30, 2000. Over the last 12 years in business, we have become a leading provider in fabrication, location maintenance and pipeline services. A&T Welding Inc. is experienced in a wide variety of construction specialties including, oil and natural gas gathering, construction of new production facilities and petroleum and natural gas transportation lines.

  • Aluminothermic Welding | Pandrol

    Pandrol offers market-leading solutions for the aluminothermic welding of vignole rail. This flat-bottomed, slim-webbed rail is commonly used on mainline, high speed, and heavy haul tracks around the world. Our vignole rail welding processes equip the user to perform …

  • Cutting Machines - Gas Cutting & Welding

    TCM-100 / PORTABLE MOTORIZED TRACK GAS CUTTING MACHINE (115V) $1,140.18. Add to Cart. Details. PROFAX.

  • EnPak® A60GBH - Welding Equipment

    A revolutionary, fully-integrated power system for work trucks. EnPak combines a rotary-screw air compressor, hydraulic pump, generator and a 24.8 HP, Tier IV Final diesel engine in a single unit and is fully-functional with the truck turned off.

  • Lincoln Electric San Diego

    With just a few hours of training, welders will find they can complete quality orbital and flat track welding jobs far more efficiently. After using the APEX control pendant with the APEX 30S or 30M Controller for the first time, you’ll understand why this is the technology that’s moving mechanized welding into the future of industrial ...

  • ProgressRail | Flash Butt Rail Welder ATMW K930

    Progress Rail Flash Butt Rail Welder ATMW Model K930 is a ready-for-service, in-track condition rail welding system. This System is primarily intended for use on rail infrastructure (construction and maintenance purposes), the machine is specifically designed and built as a mobile welding machine.

  • Welcome to Thermit; Rail and Track Services - Thermit Welding

    Welcome to Thermit; Rail and Track Services. We are a strategic supplier to the nations railway systems, and continue to develop products and welding methods to meet the demand for continual improvement, with investment in new production methods, research and development, on-site training, technical support and specialised contract services.

  • ICM | Full-Service Machine, Fabrication & Welding Facility

    ICM is a world class full service machine, fabrication and welding facility. In addition to, ICM also offers a wide variety of unmatched services in hydraulic cylinder rebuild and repair. Radiator and heat exchangers rebuild and repair. Track press rebuild and repair. ICM offers a wide range of capabilities including manual and CNC machine ...

  • Jetline® Side Beam Tracks and Carriages - Welding Equipment

    Jetline® Side Beam Tracks and Carriages. JET1300 jetline-fixed-automation. Side beam tracks and carriage systems are used for positioning the weld head over the weldment and for linear welds. They consist of three elements - track, carriage and support posts. Select One Compare.

  • By product line: - Welding Equipment ESAB North America

    the leader in gas equipment for more than a century. Victor's tradition of unparalleled safety, performance and reliability remains a cornerstone of the brand. Our products include:

  • Capabilities - Eilers Machine and Welding

    Eilers Machine and Welding, Inc. is a world-class supplier of close tolerance fabricated metal products through cutting-edge equipment and technology. Eilers can accommodate custom metal part fabrication challenges. The company has a proven track record in servicing a broad range of machining, fabrication, welding and finishing needs and ensures total compliance with customer specifications and tolerances.

  • Track Repair & Maintenance | Northern Plains Rail Companies

    Build It. Maintain It. Repair It. In the U.S., Northern Plains Rail Services offers unparalleled service in every step of railroad track construction and maintenance-such as building subgrade, drainage and roadways, industrial sidings and trackage, main line trackage, switches and turnouts, yard and full loop tracks and diamonds.

  • Home | CLAAS

    CLAAS has entered into a cooperative venture with Dutch start-up AgXeed B.V. and acquired a minority shareholding in the company's international funding round as a mark of their commitment. The aim is to cooperate on the development and commercialisation of autonomous agricultural machines.

  • Specialty Welding | Machining | Carolina Energy Solutions

    Carolina Energy Solutions LLC (CES), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Company, provides specialty welding, machining, and metrology services for the installation, repair, modification and maintenance of components, piping and supporting equipment for the nuclear, power generation, oil and gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), petrochemical, geothermal and process industries.

  • Welding Automation and Material Handling Systems | LJ Welding

    Our global team develops welding automation products that are built-tested for any environment—in any climate. We proudly manufacture welding positioners, pipe stands, pipe rollers and roller supports, tank turning rolls, boom & column welding manipulators, pipeline rollers, pipeline welding equipment and rigging rollers for a diverse range of pipe, tank and vessel welding applications and ...

  • Rail Welding Equipment - Railroad Track Welding Tools

    The arc generates the heat necessary to melt and bond the steel and filler metal together. If you need rail welding equipment, you know you can trust Industry-Railway Suppliers, Inc. We’ve been a leader in the railway industry since 1966, and have built a reputation for reliable, innovative railroad track welding tools. Faceted Search Filter.

  • Track welder - Miller - Welding Equipment

    Mar 07, 2017 · Always use tools and equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. For Miller products, refer to your Owner's Manual for complete safety precautions and procedures. Miller provides the information in the "Welding Projects" section of this site for your information only.

  • Bi-Directional Welder, Track Welding Machine, In-House

    Features & Benefits. Unwinds reducing material handling. Intricate welding in each direction allowing no wasted machine movement. Continuous roll production to increase in- house efficiency. Significantly reduce your floor space. Pull your sheets out and weld at the same time. Can be custom designed for your specific application. Technical Specs.

  • Welding Inspection Procedure / Checklist

    Welding technique, weld progression, bead overlap, etc. Equipment settings such as amps, volts, and wire feed. Preheat and interpass temperatures. Travel speed (key element in heat input). Heat input (where appropriate). Mock-up weldment, if required, meets requirements with welder and welding …

  • Insight Welding Arc Data Monitoring Solutions

    Insight Welding Intelligence™: the Total Welding Data Solution With an Insight weld monitoring system, you can get more done, produce higher-quality welds and control costs. Insight Core™ Delivers Visibility to Improve Welding Productivity

  • Capabilities - Eilers Machine and Welding

    Eilers Machine and Welding, Inc. is a world-class supplier of close tolerance fabricated metal products through cutting-edge equipment and technology. Eilers can accommodate custom metal part fabrication challenges. The company has a proven track record in servicing a broad range of machining, fabrication, welding and finishing needs and ...

  • Serving the World’s Industries With ... - Process Welding

    Established in 1993, PWS assists industry in automation of high quality welding. Our commitment is to provide plasma welding and TIG welding lathe solutions for a broad range of applications, specializing in the joining of small precision components. We provide a comprehensive line of precision welding services, equipment and lathes.

  • Bug-O Systems | Mechanized Solutions For Welding & Cutting

    Bug-O equipment quickly increases production and quality. Money is saved with reduced material handling. A better work environment is created for welders and operators. Increased Operator Safety Reduce operator fatigue. Short Learning Curve Operators control speed, direction and torch angle for their cutting or welding with basic machine controls.

  • The Welding Academy – Welding Training, Coding and ...

    Fully Accredited Welding Training and Certification Company. Call us on 0800 246 1483 or email us here. The Welding Academy. We are a specialised welding training academy supporting new and experienced welders in the UK. Providing practical training at all levels on fulltime intensive welding training programmes. Whether you’re looking for a ...

  • Rail Welding Solutions | Gantrex

    Equipment. Permanent basic equipment for thermite welding : material for adjustment, mould fixing, preheating, casting and finishing off. Consumables : mould adapted to the rail profile, welding charge and igniter. Implementation. This technique gives excellent results, and is independent of atmospheric and operational conditions.

  • Improve your Welding Profitability and ... - Welding …

    Example #1: OEM Fabricators produces components for world-class construction and agricultural equipment companies. OEM reduced weld costs by more than $2,000 per day after switching to Miller’s Axcess® pulsed MIG welding system. OEM now uses one type of machine, one wire and one gas for nearly all of its welding. In the process, the company

  • T. J. Snow Resistance Welding Machinery, Supplies & Service

    We can offer a full 1 day Resistance Welding Seminar, 1/2 day Operator Class, or hands on training at the machine. Phone Support When your machine goes down or you have that Resistance Welding question which has you stumped, T. J. Snow has service technicians available during normal business hours (8am to 5pm, Eastern Time, M-F).

  • Welding Tractors & Carriages | New & Used In Stock Now

    Automated Welding Tractors and carriages provide automation, high speed, quality production processes to improve accuracy, uniformity and reliability for multitude of applications.. As a repeatable mechanised process you and eliminate porblems and improve ergonomics so these solutions are regularly used in ship and barge building, offshore yards, tank welding, power generation, Oil and gas ...

  • Track Welding Rules and Procedures

    Must be qualified by Manager of Track Welding or Welding Supervisor to use oxy-fuel and welding equipment. Employees must be qualified to perform job specific welding processes. Qualification will consist of training and skills assessment. Qualification period is 3 …