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  • Optimizing Plasma Cutting Quality Guide + Amperage Charts

    Jul 26, 2019 · Today’s automated precision plasma cutting systems are priced between $40,000 (130 amp) and $75,000 (400 amp). Please note that these prices are for a plasma cutting power supply, gas console and torch only – not a complete CNC cutting machine.

  • Cut charts - Plasma Automation

    2 Plasma / Air Shield 130 A Cutting 220173 220183 220176 220179220182 220181 Metric English Select Gases Set Preflow Set Cutflow Material Thickness Arc Voltage Torch-to-Work Distance Cutting Speed Initial Pierce Height Pierce Delay Time Plasma Shield Plasma Shield Plasma Shield mm Volts mm mm/m mm factor % seconds O 2 Air 32 32 84 28 3 124 2.5 ...

  • Plasma Machine Specifications - PlasmaCAM Cutting Systems

    Rugged CNC plasma cutting machine with strong drive train is built to perform in heavy production. Drive train and electronics are protected from plasma dust, and guide rollers move unobstructed. Durable steel frame with integral cutting grate. (We loaded up a machine with over 10,000 pounds of metal and couldn't make it collapse!)

  • Cut Charts and Marking Charts - Plasma Automation

    Cut Charts and Marking Charts 9 Powermax45 XP Operator Manual 809240 123 Each cut chart lists hot and cold gas flow rates. Hot flow rate – Plasma is on, the system is operating at running current, and the system is in a steady state at the default system pressure (cutflow, or automatic mode).

  • Operating Data (Cut) Charts - Plasma Automation

    Air Plasma / Air Shield 30 Amp Cutting Shield 020941 Nozzle 020938 Electrode 120113 Retaining Cap 020940 Swirl Ring 020937 PAC186 Torch 120349 Shield Cap 020634/020687 Air inlet pressures must be between 105 - 135 psi (7.2 - 9.2 bar) for all material thickness. # Stainless steel plate sometimes comes with a protective plastic film. Remove film prior to cutting.

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Specifications and Details

    This CNC plasma cutting machine is remarkably easy-to-use, accurate, and versatile. The machine is more accurate than a plasma torch. This drawing (1/10th the size of the plasma cut part) was made by the machine holding a pen. With plasma, the machine can achieve part accuracies as high as ±0.005 inch, depending on setup conditions.

  • STV®CNC SparX™ 4800 Plasma Table - Best Plasma Cutting ...

    STV®CNC SparX™ 4800 Plasma Table. $ 6,799.00. 4×8 Modular Plasma Table. The modular STV®CNC SparX™4800 is a robust Plasma Cutting Table that offers faster, cleaner cuts with a precise motion system and a sturdy, heavy-duty build able to support up to a 1.5” inch steel plate. Our product line consists of prime-selected components and ...