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  • PLASMA CUTTER SAFETY - Brieser Construction

    Inspect the torch tip, electrode and shield cup and replace worn items. The expense is well worth avoiding the poor cutting performance (and operator frustration) caused by worn parts. Check gas/air pressure at the compressor or bottle gauge. Turn on the plasma machine. Set the amperage control (generally to maximum) and check the air pressure.

  • A check list for a plasma cutting table retrofit

    Jan 10, 2017 · In plasma cutting, the lifter correctly positions the torch for piercing and keeps it at the correct height while cutting. A poorly maintained lifter results in poor-quality cuts. Inspect the lifter and clean or replace any defective parts. Be sure to acquire the correct parts to mount the new torch body to the old lifter and support its lead set.

  • Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Your CNC Plasma ...

    Jun 02, 2021 · Any machine requires preventive maintenance to run effectively and efficiently without wearing down parts that diminish the overall life of the system. To best execute preventive maintenance for your CNC plasma cutting system, we recommend establishing a preventive maintenance schedule or calendar. That will help ensure that you stay on track ...

  • Plasma Cutter Operations Checklist - Artisan's Asylum

    Set appropriate amperage on the plasma cutter power unit. Check torch consumables for damage wearing gloves, replace if necessary. CNC Plasma Cutter Operations Checklist Preparing To Cut Plasma Cutting Screen off plasma cutting area with welding curtains. Check slats for high spots and grind them down where appropriate.

  • Description of cnc plasma cutting machine_

    Some CNC machines perform multiple operations. The design for the part is created via a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, then loaded into the cutter's computer. After that, the machine takes over and shapes the part. Plasma Cutting Plasma is a gas that has been heated until the electrons escape from their atoms. While the gases used by plasma cutters can vary, the basic operating principle used by CNC …

  • [Checklist] Top Preventive Maintenance ... - CNC Machine Tools

    Apr 08, 2020 · Have the chuck and jaws taken off the machine and cleaned. Have the levelling of your machine checked and adjusted if necessary. Have the radiator cleaned while making sure that the radiator fins are straight and not damaged. Have all way wipers inspected for any damage – clean and replace any wipers that are damaged.

  • Safety Operating Procedures - Plasma Cutter

    A welding mask with shade number 11 protective filters must be worn. Respiratory protection devices may be required. Hearing protection may be required when cutting thick material. PRE-OPERATIONAL SAFETY CHECKS. Locate and ensure you are familiar with all machine operations and controls . Ensure material to be cut poses no hazard.

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Operational Manual | MachineMfg

    Plasma cutting machine is a new type of hot cutting equipment, its working principle is based on the compressed air as working gas, high temperature and high speed of plasma arc as heat source, molten metal will be partially melted, and at the same time high-speed air blow away the molten metal, and form the narrow cut seam.

  • Plasma cutting machine maintenance checklist

    Jul 12, 2015 · Clean machine components—rails, gears, racks, and such. Level and align rails. Align and adjust gears and bearings. Check the squareness of the torch with respect to the table and workpiece. Check safety limits, which need to operate properly to …

  • CNC Maintenance Checklist Daily ... - Summit Machine Tool

    Nov 15, 2019 · Basic CNC Checklist. Maintenance tasks for CNC machines fall into three general categories: daily inspections, jobs that need to be performed every 500 hours or every six months, and additional inspections to be done every 1000 hours or every year. The daily checklist will of course be the longest one, and the one you’ll use most often.