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  • Dutchman's Pipe Care - Tips For Growing A Dutchman's Pipe Vine

    Jun 25, 2021 · Dutchman’s pipe care for young plants requires training to a vertical surface. You may try growing a Dutchman’s pipe vine in a pot for a year or two. Choose a large pot and place it in sheltered location. Caring for Pipe Vines. The biggest need of Dutchman’s pipe vine care is plenty of water.

  • How To Propagate Dutchman's Pipe Vine. 2 Best Ways - Krostrade

    Nov 23, 2020 · The plants will thrive best in partial shade and consistent soil moisture. Watering once a week is ideal as they are growing, and you can also fertilize every third watering with a balanced feed. Caring For Dutchman’s Pipe Vine. To maintain Dutchman’s pipe vine and keep the area tidy, you must understand how it grows.

  • Where does the Dutchman's pipe vine come from?

    Aristolochia macrophylla, Dutchman's pipe or pipevine, is a vine native to the eastern United States.

  • Do you need to harvest Dutchman's pipe flowers?

    You may want to plant this vine downwind of your doorway. The flowers have a variety of unpleasant scents, mostly mimicking carrion. This foul odor is attractive to flies that pollinate the flowers, but you and your guests may find it offensive. You can grow a Dutchman’s pipe from seed. Harvest the seedpods after they have dried on the vine.

  • Dutchman's Pipevine Plants - Joyful Butterfly

    Dutchman’s Pipevine Plants (Aristolochia macrophylla) $ 13.95. Plant Name: Dutchman’s Pipevine Plants. (Aristolochia macrophylla, AKA Aristolochia durior) Quick Info: 3.5″ square pots, Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly host plant, herbaceous, perennial, vine. Out of stock.

  • Giant Dutchman’s Pipe Vine Info – Caring For A Giant Dutchman ...

    Jan 31, 2020 · Water Dutchman’s pipe vine deeply whenever the soil looks dry. Feed giant Dutchman’s pipe plant once a week, using a dilute solution of a water-soluble fertilizer. Too much fertilizer can decrease blooming. Prune Dutchman’s pipe vine whenever it gets unruly. The vine will rebound, although flowering may be slowed for a short time.

  • Dutchman's Pipe-vine - Grow Native!

    A high-growing woody vine that climbs by twisting its trunk around a sturdy support, such as a tree. Green-yellow, pipe-shaped flowers bloom April-June. Dark green, heart-shaped leaves grow up to 5-8 in. long and wide. Young stems and lower surface of leaves are covered with dense white hairs. Interesting brown fruit capsules form in September.

  • What kind of soil does Dutchman's pipe plant need?

    How to Grow Dutchman's Pipe Vines Botanical Name Aristolochia macrophylla Soil pH Neutral to acidic Bloom Time Summer Flower Color Yellow, green, purple Hardiness Zones 4–8 (USDA) 7 more rows ...

  • How tall does the wooly Dutchman's pipe grow?

    The Wooly Dutchman's Pipe is a deciduous, woody, climbing, and twining vine. It is native to central and the southern United States. It is typically seen in moist woods, thickets, or along streams or riverbanks. It grows rapidly to 20-30 feet tall. In forests, this plant may be seen in trees or other plants twining its way through the treetops.

  • I love my Dutchman's pipe! - FineGardening

    I planted Dutchman’s pipe ( Aristolochia macrophylla, syn. A. durior, Zones 5-8) on my pergola maybe 6 years ago, having seen it on some arbors in Saratoga Springs, New York, the summer before, as well as on old homesteads in Virginia in my childhood. It’s a beefy perennial vine with large, overlapping, heart-shaped leaves.