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    Nov 26, 2020 · OSHA Welding, Cutting and Brazing Checklist. This OSHA self-inspection checklist can be used for inspecting safety of welding, cutting and brazing activities. Perform this quick self-inspection before operating any machinery equipment. Confirm that only trained personnel will be performing the task, check for gas cylinder handling and storage ...

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety Inspection Checklist ...

    Safety Inspection Checklist Gas Welding/Cutting/Heating Operations. Item Description. REF Yes. No N/A. Remarks (Any NO or N/A item) CESO Checklist 10-01, Dec 10. 16. Are hoses with flashback evidence or severe wear or damage not be used? 10.D.03.d. 10.D.03.c 10.D.03.e. 17. Are oxygen and fuel gas hoses running parallel only taped 4” out of 12 ...

  • Laser Cutting Machine Safety Guide -

    Laser Cutting Machine Safety Guide (For employers and employees) FourthA edition April 2018 ... oxidation with a laser heat source and by using an assist gas. With the laser cutting of mild steel, a laser beam is delivered by mirrors and a fiber to the cutting spot, …


    in cutting: acetylene, MAPP gas, and oxygen. 4-1. Figure 4-1.—Oxygas cutting outfit. ... MAPP Gas Safety MAPP gas vapor is stable up to 600°F and 1,100 psig when exposed to an 825°F probe. The ...

  • Mobile Oxy-Acetylene/Propane: Before Use Visual …

    The fuel gas is normally switched off first - however consult the Equipment Supplier’s handbook as there may be variations. Extinguish the Working Flame at the Torch Fuel gas off Oxygen off Close Cylinder Valve Turn the cylinder valve keys clockwise until closed Vent System (No Gas) Open torch valves in turn Vent the gas from each of the hoses


    • Gas hoses to be checked for any damage before starting welding ... the Risk Assessment procedure for Oxy Welding/Cutting Equipment GENERAL SAFETY · Safety glasses must be worn at all times in work area. · Appropriate footwear with substantial uppers must be worn.

  • Precautions and Safe Practices for Gas Welding, Cutting ...

    This booklet provides safety and health information on oxy-fuel gas welding, cutting, heating, and allied products and processes such as brazing, soldering, and use of air-fuel gas equipment. You should be familiar with the information in this booklet as well as “Safety in Welding and Cutting” - …


    Select a machine by identifying any or all of the following criteria: • Machine seems unsafe and lacking in guarding • Machine has known safety incidents, i.e., near misses, lost time, etc. • Machine has frequent, unexplained downtime 2. Take a print-out of the safety checklist to the machine …

  • Opening and Closing procedures on gas cutting equipment

    OPENING AND CLOSING PROCEDURE GAS CUTTING EQUIPMENT Check gas connections regularly for leaks, ONLY USE SOAPY WATER. Do not weld on gas cylinders. Keep gas bottles and hoses away from heat and flames. Do not drop or knock over gas cylinders. Do not oil gas connections. Turn off gas supplies when not in use.

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    Gas Welding & and Cutting. 3. Fig 1.1 – Dressed for safety. Personal safety for oxygen-fuel gas plant operators . Be neat and clean about your work. Avoid tripping or falling. Keep equipment in good condition in order to avoid fire and explosions. Wear eye protection at all times and goggles when using a blowpipe. These will


    regarding machine guarding, use, and safety. • Conduct assigned tasks in a safe manner, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and only use equipment for which you have received appropriate training. • Complete Machine Shop Safety Checklist (Appendix A) when appropriate or required by your supervisor or EHS.

  • Machine and Power Tool Safety Checklist

    1/30/2018 Machine and Power Tool Safety Checklist Page 7 Equipment- Welding gas cylinders are free from damage. Equipment- Color coded hoses for oxygen (green) and fuel gases (red). Summary of Findings Summary of findings and action taken: Report Submitted by: Date: Report recipient: Work request or third party involvement – Describe:

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    Safety Checklist For Arc Welding & Gas Cutting. SAFETY CHECKLIST FOR ARC WELDING AND GAS CUTTING. Safety Questionnaire. Yes. No. Before Commencing Welding Or Gas Cutting Activity. 1.1. Are you a trained worker for welding and gas cutting. 1.2. Have you put on the correct personal protective equipment meant for welding.

  • Safety Checklist for Portable Grinding and Cutting

    Jun 09, 2016 · The safety audit is an essential element to an effective workplace safety system. Knowing this, Saint-Gobain Abrasives has developed a safety checklist for portable grinding cutting applications. FEATURES. Captures key points of the ANSI B7.1 safety code. Easy "yes/no" format makes safety auditing simple. Fully compatible with iPad.


    Oct 20, 2017 · SAFETY IN GAS CUTTING: Keep the cylinder upright and away from hot jobs. Fix the DA and oxygen regulator to the respective cylinders after ensuring free from dirt or grease. Connect the cutting hoses to the regulators with hose clamps. Blue or black hoses for oxygen and red for DA.


    SAFETY COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST Welding Operations General 29 CFR 1910 Ÿ Hot work permit (MSFC 1155) completed and approved? Contact Industrial Safety Office. Ÿ Ÿ Mechanical ventilation is required if space is less than 10,000 cubic feet per welder, …

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    3 Compressed Gas Cylinders: Storage, Installation, & Operation Continued Regulator gauges are marked USE NO OIL [29 CFR 1610.253(e)(6)(iii)] Oxygen and fuel-gas hoses are not interchangeable [29 CFR 1926.350(f)(1)] Hoses having more than one passage are not used [29 CFR 1926.350(f)(1)] Torches are lighted only by friction lighters or other approved devices [29 CFR 1926.350(g)(3)]

  • Compressed Gases Inspection Checklist

    18. Are safety relief devices in the valve or on the cylinder free from any indication of tampering? 19. Are all compressed gas cylinders regularly inspected for corrosion, pitting, cuts, gouges, digs, bulges, neck defects and general distortion? Compressed Gases Inspection Checklist

  • Cut-off Machine Safety Manual - STIHL USA

    cut-off machines to assure safe operation of these machines and proper choice of cutting attachments. These safety precautions and warnings apply to the use of all current STIHL Cutquiks. WARNING Use your cut-off machine only for authorized uses. For instance, it is not suitable for cutting wood or wooden objects. Misuse may result in personal

  • Safety Checklist,During Welding,Gas Cutting - CTMS

    Safety Checklist For Arc Welding & Gas Cutting. SAFETY CHECKLIST FOR ARC WELDING AND GAS CUTTING. Safety Questionnaire. Before Commencing Welding Or Gas Cutting Activity. 1.1Are you a trained worker for welding and gas cutting. Remark. Yes. No. 1.2 Have you put on the correct personal protective equipment meant for welding.


    Training, experience, methods of checking machines before use, clothing, personnel protective equipment, use of guards, tool storage, work practices, method of cleaning, oiling or adjusting machinery.

  • Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Checklist

    Welding, Cutting, and Brazing. Introduction. This checklist helps employers and employees in general industry and construction comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s standards for welding, cutting, and brazing. It is based on …

  • Safety in gas welding, cutting and similar processes

    Health and Safety Executive Safety in gas welding, cutting and similar processes Page 4 of 11 Explosion when cutting up or repairing tanks, drums and tyres Figure 2 Cutting up scrap If a welding blowpipe or burner is used on a tank or drum containing flammable material (solid, liquid or vapour), it can explode. Such explosions have killed people.


    Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting and Welding Operation of oxy-fuel torches involves oxygen and flammable gases under pressure, open flames, flying slag and hot metal, meatl fumes and combustion products. Follow the precautions in this SAFETY section and those throughout this manual for your personal safety and the safety of people near the equipment.

  • Working safely with cut-off machines - Stihl

    a cut-off machine. Safety Precautions and Working Techniques The use of any cut-off machine may be hazard-ous. Because a cut-off machine is a high-speed, fast-cutting power tool, special safety precau-tions must be observed to reduce the risk of per-sonal injury and fire. It is important that you read, fully understand and observe the following

  • PLASMA CUTTER SAFETY - Brieser Construction

    PRE-CUT CHECKLIST. A few final words of advice before cutting: Follow proper safety procedures and wear personal safety equipment — read the Owner's Manual! Inspect the torch tip, electrode and shield cup and replace worn items. The expense is well worth avoiding the poor cutting performance (and operator frustration) caused by worn parts.