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    Home. » Cutting Nozzles for gas cutting torch are available for FUEL viz. Acetylene (DA) and LPG. » Cutting nozzles for Acetylene are known as ANM nozzles while cutting nozzles for LPG are known as PNM nozzles. » Different sizes of cutting nozzles are used for cutting metal of different thickness. ANME LONG PATTERN.


    4 rows · AGNM GOUGING NOZZLES 94 mm long. USE: Acetylene fuel gas. Art. Nr. Range Size Quantity ...

  • Guidelines for Gas Welding and Cutting - BOC

    18.2 Straight Line and Bevel Cutting 53 18.3 Piercing and Cutting Holes 53 19.0 Nozzle Data Section 54 19.1 BOC Welding Tips 54 19.2 BOC 2 Seat Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Nozzles 54 19.3 BOC 2 Seat Oxy-LPG Cutting Nozzles 54 19.4 BOC 3 Seat Oxy-Acetylene Cutting Nozzles 55 19.5 BOC 3 Seat Oxy-LPG Cutting Nozzles 55 20.1 Equipment Care 56 Contents

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    8 rows · Gas cutting nozzles are supplied in various types. There are three main globally recognized ...

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    All 3 types use liquefied petroleum gas fuels (LPG). In addition, PNM is also used with acetylene gas (ANM). Gas Cutting Nozzle Range. Lightweight - Acetylene. Acetylene - UK Made. ANMS (Acetylene Nozzles Mix Short) Acetylene cutting nozzles short pattern are typically 76mm long. Manufactured to BS EN ISO 5172.

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    Oct 07, 2019 · Gas cutter nozzle All size

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    Since most CNC cutting machines today are equipped with both plasma and gas cutting, most customers cut thin material with plasma and switch from plasma to gas at ¾ to 1in. thick materials. The switch point is typically determined by the number of plasma torches installed, the power of these torches as well as the number of oxy-fuel gas torches installed.

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    9 rows · Cutting Nozzles Cutting Nozzles Propane Nozzle Mix – PNM and PNM-E (Extended) PNM ...

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    Dec 11, 2020 · Nozzle Size – Gas Nozzle Pressures. 1/32″ Cuts 3-6mm Steel – Pressures = Oxy 1.5bar / Prop 0.15bar; 3/64″ Cuts 5-12mm Steel – Pressures = Oxy 2.5bar / Prop 0.15bar; 1/16″ Cuts 10-75mm Steel – Pressures = Oxy 3.0-3.5bar / Prop 0.20-0.35bar; 5/64″ Cuts 70-100mm Steel – Pressures = Oxy 3.5bar / Prop 0.4bar