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  • Portable & Hand-Held Beveling Machines | CS Unitec

    Part Nos. EKF 630, EKF 645. Bevel 30°, 45°. Two milling head options. Land width up to 9/16" (15mm)

  • Portable chamfering machine, Portable beveling machine ...

    electric beveling machine. PBM-1625. Rotational speed: 235 rpm. Power: 850 W. The PBM-1625 is a combination of power and range in a light and portable design. Rugged and balanced machine suitable for tubes and pipes in the size range of 20mm to 42mm ID (3/4” - 1.5/8”).

  • Pipe chamfering machine, Pipe beveling machine - All ...

    electric chamfering machine. MF2-25. Power: 400, 740 W. Chamfer width : 20 mm - 38 mm. The pipe beveler MF2-25 is exceptionally used for the preparation of pipe ends, bevelling of edges of individual pipes or membrane walls.

  • EKF Hand-held Portable Metal Beveling Machines | CS Unitec

    Fine adjustment feature for slight chamfers when deburring for the preparation of weld seams. Four carbide milling head inserts – 30°, 45° 0.063" (1.6mm) and 0.098" (2.5mm) available. Ideal for straight edges, inner and outer radii. Designed to bevel 30° or 45° weld seams on steel, stainless, nonferrous metals, brass and plastics. Request ...

  • Mathey Dearman | Pipe Cutting and Beveling

    Mathey Dearman prides itself on being the world’s foremost authority on preparing pipe for joining together by welding. Since the 1930’s, we have been designing and building cutting and beveling machines and clamping, aligning, and reforming systems for pipe and tubing. Over the years, we have also developed other essential tools and equipment.

  • Guide to Pipe Beveling - Beveling Machines

    Pipe Beveling Machines Portable pipe beveling machines come in a number of different configurations; with these machines you bring the machine to the pipe. Typically used in the field for either new construction or maintenance operations, these types of machines remove the material from the pipe to form the bevel using cutters made of high ...

  • Standard "Saddle-Type" Beveling Machine - H&M Pipe ...

    Pipe Cutting And Beveling Machines (Standard Saddle-Type) Each H & M machine is constructed of durable, lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum for easy transportation to any job site for cutting and beveling 2″ to 36″ pipe precisely, quickly and economically, even under the toughest conditions. Every ring gear and saddle are precisely machined and calibrated to ± […]

  • Pipe Threaders - Hand-Held Power Drives | RIDGID Tools

    Portable yet powerful, RIDGID hand-held power drive pipe threaders provide on demand pipe fabrication for the jobsite. HOW WE USE COOKIES: We use cookies and similar technologies to improve our website, to personalize website content to you, and to deliver advertising messages and offers on content that are relevant to you.