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    The 1/4" valve easily attaches to an air hose or pipe. The HDA70200AV airflow to the application tool and includes a 0 - 160 psi gauge for fine-tuning the airflow restriction. The design allows for control with just a quarter turn, making for simple operation.

  • Bevel Pro PVC Pipe beveling Tool

    These new aged beveling tools are available for SDR35 sewer pipe, C900 (Blue Brute), IPS, and Schedule 40. The Bevel Pro is made in the U.S.A. with quality U.S. steel and can be easily sharpened numerous times to increase the life of the tools. Bevel Pro is designed with Quality, Durability, Productivity, and Consistency in mind. Utilizing the Bevel Pro minimizes costly repairs due to gasket …

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    Pipeline Welders & Pipeline Welding Tools. Pipeline welders are some of the most sought-after infrastructure workers on the market, and they need to be ready at any time. Get a full set of pipeline tools and equipment from so you can answer the call whenever someone needs pipe fabrication. We stock all the tools you need for getting the job done on oil rigs, new building construction, city sewers, underwater lines or your own home …

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    The MILLHOG ® Commander ID Clamping End Prep Tool features large clamp pads that spread their contact forces radially inside the pipe to provide rigid clamping for chatter-free end preps on thin and heavy-wall pipe. Utilizing formed tool bits with chip breakers that direct heat away from the surface, this tool can perform 37-1/2 deg bevels, compound, counterbore, and J-preps without cutting oils, to meet most welding …

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    Our steel beveling machine parts and accessories come from leading manufacturers, like Mathey Dearman. Since the 1930s, this company has been helping users fit pipe by producing quality equipment for beveling, cutting and aligning pipe for welding. You can find everything here from fuses to step-down transformers as well as steel beveling tool parts and accessories like custom torch holders and …

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    H&M - HMC224 Chain-Type Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine. $1,183.00. $1,092.00 * *

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    1-5/8 in. Inner/Outer Reamer and Deburring Tool Husky's Inner/Outer Reamer removes burrs Husky's Inner/Outer Reamer removes burrs from the inside and outside of copper, steel, iron and brass piping and tubing from 1/8 in. up to 1- 5/8 in. diameter. It delivers easy, clean inside diameter reaming and outside diameter beveling.

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    When butt‐welding is required for pipes with walls less than 3mm (.118”) thick, beveling the end of the pipe is generally unnecessary. Arc‐welding technologies (111, 13x, 141) are capable of penetrating the whole depth of the pipe in a single pass. Figure 2 butt welding preparation