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    Parts from L-TEC WELDING AND CUTTING SYSTEMS. Found 77 product(s) 1 2 > >> Description: NSN: Part No. CONNECTOR BODY,RECEPTACLE,ELECTRICAL #5935-01-163-3180 ... We take every measure to ensure that we supply quality, authentic parts including a strict vendor selection process and rigorous product inspections.. Read more...

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    ESAB Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Marketing Literature. Product Certifications. User Manuals. Next. Click here to view marketing literature. User manuals and technical documents available for ESAB U.S. are available for download by using the links below. For access to ESAB's Global Manual Directory, click here. Current Directory: Domestic.

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    Replacement Century Plasma Cutter Parts Cross Reference Q: How do I find my unit part number, model number, Brand? A: The Model number of your welder is on a small white rectangular sticker on the back of the unit, usually in a manner similar to "117-xxx-xxx", the Part Number is on the front of the machine such as "2100" or "83130" etc.

  • How I Made My Own Plasma Cutter From Junk

    to do is run a piece of wire in-between. Now look at the pictorial of board mounted parts in Section 11. It shows all the wires on the board, but here you can see all terminals and parts mounted, as I wanted. When wiring all my components, I used my Chevy board layout diagram to run my wires. How I began Making My Plasma Cutter Page 1

  • Plasma Cutting Machine Controls, Retrofits, and Repairs

    We offer field service for plasma cutting machines for HVAC. Worn bearings, gears, belts and miscellaneous items are frequently in need of replacement and are the source of many sloppy inaccurate plasma cuts. Tightening up the mechanical systems by replacing and adjusting such parts can often make an old machine cut like new.

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    Hypermax is an online distributor of Genuine Hypertherm plasma cutting machines and parts. From Hypertherm consumables to torches, what ever your needs, we supply. Call 410-687-8400

  • SNAP-ON PLASMA30I USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

    INTRODUCTION. The PLASMA30i is an inverter current power source machine, designed for cutting. electrically conductive materials (metals and alloys) using the plasma arc procedure. The. plasma gas may be air or nitrogen. The lightweight portable inverter plasma cutter has. many features that enable the user to easily cut most all metals. 042011.

  • How to Repair a Plasma Cutter Torch - Kevin Caron - YouTube

    Feb 21, 2018 · #PlasmaCutterTips #KevinCaronArtFrom - Artist Kevin Caron shows you why you don't have to replace a damaged plasma cutter torch - a...

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    Plasma Cutter Consumable Parts. Look no farther then here at The Welders Supply Company for all of your plasma cutting machine’s replacement parts. We stock parts ranging from a multitude of various makes, models, and even sizes of the most in-demand plasmas cutter consumables. For we have the parts of both the big name brands as well as the ...

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    Production Products Inc. stocks and sells most common parts used for plasma cutting including torch tips, torch electrodes, torch bodies, torch leads, hand torches and machine torches. We also offer replacement torch bodies and leads; for example, a change of torch lead and torch body from Hypertherm to Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster may mean ...

  • How I Made My Own Plasma Cutter From Junk | …

    I used the Chevy on this cutter. As you can see, I have terminals to all parts that get an external connection outside of their system so all I have to do is run a piece of wire in-between. When wiring all my components, I used my Chevy board layout diagram to run my wires. I checked and rechecked all wires before mounting external parts.


    25A PLASMA ARC CUTTING MACHINE PLASMA30i INTRODUCTION The PLASMA30i is an inverter current power source machine, designed for cutting electrically conductive materials (metals and alloys) using the plasma arc procedure. The plasma gas may be air or nitrogen. The lightweight portable inverter plasma cutter has

  • VICTOR 42 CUTMASTER SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

    E. Torch will not pilot, when torch trigger is activated. 1. Faulty parts in torch Check torch parts per section 4.02; replace as needed. Page 39 TROUBLESHOOTING CUTMASTER 42 3. Faulty components in unit Return for repair or have qualified technician repair per service manual. I. Cutting output is unstable or inadequate at 120V operation. 1.

  • Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Plasma Cutter

    Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Plasma Cutter Description The Plasma 375 is an IGBT inverter plasma cutter with thermal overload protection, a Trafimet torch and a built-in gas regulator. This easy to use plasma cutter has the power to cut up to 3/8 in. materials and a pilot arc that

  • P400iDV Dual Voltage 40 Amp Plasma Cutter

    Mount the plasma cutter on a secure bench or cart that will keep the plasma cutter secure and prevent it from tipping over or falling. ⚠WARNING Your Plasma Cutter’s Condition Check the ground cable, power cord, and torch to be sure the insulation is not damaged. Always replace or repair damaged components before using the plasma cutter.

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    Miller Plasma Standoff Roller Guide 253054. 9 Reviews. Mfg Industrial Price: $95.63. Cyberweld Price: $83.70. Genuine Miller® Plasma Standoff Roller Guide suitable for use with all Miller ICE and new XT30, XT30C, XT40, XT60 plasma torches and Hobart XT12R, XT30R, XT40R plasma torches.

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    AirForce 250ci And HP-25 Torch Processes Description Air Plasma Cutting Air Plasma Cutter OM-230 455E 2010-04 File: Plasma Cutters

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    - PT31 Diagrams - PT31 XT Diagrams - SG51 / AG51 Diagrams - SG55 / AG60 Diagrams - Panasonic P80 Diagrams - JG50A Diagrams - ME50 / PT41 Diagrams - WSD 60P Diagrams - Lincoln Pro Cut 125 / PC125 Diagrams - Cebora Prof 35HF / 50A Diagrams - Cebora CP50 Diagrams - Cebora CP70 Diagrams - Cebora Prof 90 / 120 / 150 Diagrams - Hobart TP3A Diagrams - Trafimet A101 & P101 Diagrams

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    Genuine Thermal Dynamics® replacement parts for your SL60 1Torch plasma torch. Suitable for Cutmaster® 38, 39, 40, 42, 51, 52, 58, 81 or 82 plasma cutter.

  • Part #12740 VERSA-CUT PLASMA CUTTER - Eastwood

    The Eastwood Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter has a duty cycle of 60% at 40 Amps. It is easiest to look at your cutting time in blocks of 10 Minutes and the Duty Cycle being a percentage of that 10 Minutes. If cutting at 40 Amps with a 60% Duty Cycle, within a 10 Minute block of time you can cut for 6 Minutes with 4 Minutes of cooling for the cutter.

  • Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 82 Operating Manual

    Victor Thermal Dynamics is a Global Brand of manual and automation Plasma Cutting Products for Victor Technologies. We distinguish ourselves from our competition through market-leading, dependable products that have stood the test of time. We pride ourselves on …

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    Plasma parts Hypertherm is committed to providing strong service part support of our equipment long after the initial purchase. We offer a complete range of items from relays and contactors to pumps and torches, ensuring you continue to get the same great performance as the day it was installed.

  • AirForce 500i - HobartWelders

    Air Plasma Cutting Air Plasma Cutter ... SECTION 7 − ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM 36 ... Do not touch torch parts if in contact with the work or ground. Turn off power before checking, cleaning, or changing torch parts. Disconnect input power before installing or servicing this equip-ment. Lockout/tagout input power according to OSHA CFR

  • CUT 40 OWNER’S MANUAL - Plasma Cutters for Sale

    May 07, 2013 · Manual no: WM070303 Page2 CUT40 OWNER’S MANUAL voltage. In most situations, use of a DC, constant voltage wire welder is recommended. And, do not work alone!


    PARTS Power supply parts Exterior Part Item number Description Qty. 228098 Kit: Labels, domestic 228097 Kit: Labels, CE 228096 Kit: Screws 228101 Kit: Front panel 108616 Current adjustment knob 123868 Work lead assembly 229121 Kit: Power supply cover with labels, domestic 229122 Kit: Power supply cover with labels, CE 228100...

  • CNC Plasma Table : 21 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

    CNC Plasma Table: PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT supply kits for these. Give the RAR file + BOM to your favorite laser cutting company to quote then .cut / fold. All parts are cut from 3mm / 1/8" Mild Steel Plate.ALL THE SOLIDWORKS, STEP & IGS FILES ARE ON GRABCAD…

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    Lockformer Vulcan Plasma Cutter Parts. Replacement parts for Lockformer Vulcan Plasma Cutters Sort By: Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Lockformer. AA65530 Lockformer Vulcan Torch Head Lift Valve - 120 Volt AC Coil $195.72. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Lockformer. AA65448 Lockformer Vulcan Torch Head Lift Valve ...

  • Mac Tools Torches & Consumable Replacement Parts

    Compact plasma cutting torch is original equipment on Nu-Tec® Systems and some imported portable plasma cutting systems. The torch type is easily identifiable by the black handle and yellow PT40/PT60 label. NPT40 & NPT60 Nu-Tec® Plasma Cutting Torch Consumable Parts NPT40-60. Nu-Tec NT2060, Firepower PC250 & TecMo UniTorch EL60 Plasma Torch ...

  • The Anatomy of a Great Plasma Cutter | PrimeWeld

    Modern plasma cutting machines consist of these plasma cutter parts: A light-weight unit. Torch cable. Ground cable. Power cable. Torch head. Consumables. On the front of a typical unit is a control panel on which an operator can adjust air pressure, amperage, and post flow to cool the torch. There will also be an air pressure gauge.

  • 45A Plasma Cutter - Harbor Freight

    45A Plasma Cutter. (161) Write a Review. The 45A plasma cutter from TITANIUM™ weighs just 21.3 lbs. and has a dual voltage 120/240v power supply for versatile use. $89999. Compare to. HOBART 500576 at $1579.99 Save $680. + Add to My List. Please visit any store to order for Free Pickup.