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    Victaulic, the leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. Victaulic is a global manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining methods (fittings & couplings), flow control and fire protection systems and is the inventor of the grooved pipe coupling.

  • Victaulic CG1100 Cut Grooving Tool - Cut Groove

    CG1100 Cut Grooving Tool. 2 – 12″/DN50 – DN300. Portable light weight field or shop fabrication tool. Designed to provide a radius PGS-300 cut groove in Schedule 40 – 80 CPVC/PVC pipe. General Questions?

  • Roll Grooving | RIDGID Tools

    The most efficient way to groove many pipe materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, PVC and copper nickel. HOW WE USE COOKIES: We use cookies and similar technologies to improve our website, to personalize website content to you, and to deliver advertising messages and offers on content that are relevant to you.

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    UNITED STATES AND WORLD HEADQUARTERS. 4901 Kesslersville Road. Easton, PA 18040. Phone: 610-559-3300. Get Directions. Customer service. [email protected] 1-800-PickVic (1-800-742-5842) Engineering Services.

  • Victaulic VG Cut Grooving Tool - Cut Groove Tools

    Designed for manual or power cut grooving Supplied with a ratchet handle for manual operation Drive Requirements: Manual or external drive, min. ½ hp | 0.37 kw External power drives must meet all safety conditions

  • Pipe End Preparation Tools - Pipe Prep Machines | Victaulic

    Jan 15, 2017 · Victaulic confidence technologies enable risk mitigation through error proofing, controlled ends, safety and intelligence. Proven performance with outstanding customer support and service make Victaulic the #1 provider for grooving and press tools.

  • Standard Groove Speciflcations - GARITEC

    from the end of the pipe to the groove, to provide a leak-tight seal for the gasket. All loose paint, scale, dirt, chips, grease and rust must be removed. It continues to be Victaulic’s first recommendation that pipe be square cut. When using beveled pipe contact Victaulic for details. Square cut pipe must ® 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Dimensions - inches/millimeters Nominal Size

  • Victaulic VE270FSD/271FSD Roll Grooving Tool - Roll Groove ...

    VE270FSD/271FSD Roll Grooving Tool. Completely self-contained unit with integral gear motor, safety guards, safety foot switch and power cord/plug. Equipped with a unique pivot arm design, making roll changing quick and easy without removing shafts. Enhanced tracking rolls help to keep the pipe on the tool during the roll grooving process.

  • Understanding Grooved Pipe Specifications | Victaulic

    May 20, 2020 · When performing a cut groove, pipe material is physically removed from the outside diameter of the pipe, effectively cutting a groove into the pipe, which can then be attached to either side of a grooved coupling. In the 1950s, Victaulic revolutionized the industry once again with the invention of roll pipe grooving.

  • Cut Groove Tools for Pipe Systems & Fire ... - Victaulic

    Browse Victaulic cut groove tools product listings for piping systems & fire protection. Select the cut grooving tool that meets your application’s requirements